I’ve worked in the catering and hospitality industry since the age of sixteen, started working as a general assistant in a hotel in derbyshire, which was mainly waiting tables and a little bit of cleaning the bedrooms, washing up and if the kitchen needed help I would help them with there washing up and vegetable prepping and bake cakes and make the dessert, by the time I was nineteen I was given the oppertunity to work as a trainee chef and went to the University of Derby, at the Buxton campus and from there I went to work at another hotel and then pubs and care homes and a few restaurants and now I have come to the point where the only part of cooking I really enjoyed was baking , it was for two reasons, I find it relaxing and a very creative process plus and it brought back memories of baking with my mum when I was kid and when she finshed with electric whisk, me and my sister would get a chance to lick the beaters and the bowl clean,

Muffins Bake Cake Small Cakes  - congerdesign / Pixabay

obviously mum did wash them after we finished with them and also watching my grandad, who was a baker in his kitchen decorating christmas cakes and making the cakes and pouring alcohol on the dried fruits and very so often feeding it more and more booze and it was very boozy as my mum and dad would testify, which I, at the time never had much of which is a shame as he died when I was sixteen and I real miss his christmas cake, mum used to do her version of grandad’s but they didn’t always turn out how she wanted, which is why I have decided to do this site to get everyone baking and also if there are any bakes that are popular in your families then you must pass it on to the next generation and pass the baton as it were and it is also passing on your family heritage plus baking I personally feel is the gateway to cooking if you can master cakes, pastries and bread then you can handle cooking anything that you want to put your hand to so if you want to learn or are nervous and also an amuture then join in and enjoy the ride into a variaty of bakes from the classics to vegan/vegetarian and also gluten-free because we will make,bake create.